“Alive Inside”: Everyone in Senior Care Services Should See This Film

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


I’m Pam Silverberg, Senior Care Advisor and owner of Stacys Helping Hand; and, I just saw “Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory” with a few women from my local CSA (Certified Seior Advisor) leadership group. It is a documentary where filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett travels around the country and captures the stories of people who have been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music.

This movie is so powerful. It moved me on a personal level, because I have had to face and manage the aging of loved ones in my family. On a professional level, as a service care provider in this industry, the connection with this movie for me was profound. I think everyone should see this movie to help them connect with their family members, neighbors, and our aging community at large. However, I think it is a necessity for all people who work with seniors in Assisted Living Facilities, memory care, and nursing homes to go and see this movie. To remind us all while we are “at work” in this profession that the human spirit is delicate and that the basic human need to maintain a sense of self identity is critical to the quality of life for loved ones as they age. One of the most incredible insights I took away from seeing this documentary, is the reminder of how something so small, like an iPod with headphones can have such an incredible impact.

Go see this film. It is only in theaters until Sept. 2, 2014 I believe. Below are some links to some trailers and clips from the film and an interview with the man that inspired the documentary. Take a look.