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Meet Pam, the dedicated owner of Stacy's Helping Hand in Denver, offering top-notch Senior Care Placement Services provided by the Senior Care Advisors in Denver. Pam's primary focus is on meeting the needs of clients and their families, providing them with tailored solutions for senior care. What makes Pam stand out is her commitment to establishing Best Practices for local Placement Agents within the senior care industry.

Pam's influence extends beyond her own business. She is a key figure in the Colorado Placement & Referral Alliance (CoPRA), currently holding the role of Past President. Her proactive approach is evident in her involvement in shaping Best Practices for Placement Agents, a concept that was introduced around 2017. This concept brought a new perspective to the field, introducing standardized protocols where there were none before. While Senior Placement Advisors had good intentions, adherence to these Best Practices was not consistently observed prior to this initiative.

What Can You Expect From a Colorado Placement & Referral Alliance (CoPRA) Placement Agent

When you engage the services of a CoPRA Senior Placement Advisor, you can expect a client-centered approach. The focus is squarely on your needs throughout the entire process. The journey starts with a comprehensive in-person intake and suitability interview, unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise. Following this, a thorough assessment of specific requirements takes place. This includes considerations such as the level of care needed, financial aspects, geographic preferences, activity choices, and the overall situation.

  • Your needs will always come first.

  • A quality in-person intake [a suitability interview] will be conducted for your loved one unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • A determination of specific needs will be made based on care, finances, geographical location, level of activity, and situation.

  • You will be accompanied on tours of communities unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Communities will have been vetted through personal tours and research before providing a list of options to you.

  • You will be provided in writing how the Agent gets paid.

What You Can Expect From Stacy’s Helping Hand

  • A compassionate and trusted expert

    A compassionate and trusted expert

    Stacy's Helping Hand is committed to providing a compassionate and empathetic approach to assisting seniors. The experts at Stacy's Helping Hand are not only knowledgeable about the challenges seniors face but also possess a deep understanding of the emotional aspects tied to transitions and decisions that come with aging. This ensures that seniors and their families feel understood, respected, and supported throughout the process.

  • A neutral party who refers to all appropriate communities

    A neutral party who refers to all appropriate communities

    Stacy's Helping Hand acts as a neutral intermediary, helping seniors and their families navigate the often complex landscape of available support services and communities. They have a wide network of connections within the senior care industry, which allows them to provide well-informed recommendations tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each senior. This neutral approach ensures that seniors receive advice and referrals based solely on what is best for their unique situation.

  • Someone who empowers seniors to be part of the decision, as much as possible

    Someone who empowers seniors to be part of the decision, as much as possible

    Stacy's Helping Hand understands the importance of involving seniors in the decision-making process regarding their own care and living arrangements. They work closely with seniors to ensure their voices are heard and respected, allowing them to actively participate in decisions about their future. This empowerment helps seniors maintain a sense of control and dignity during what can often be a challenging and vulnerable time.

  • 3 months of follow-up after the transition as your advocate, liaison, and sounding board

    3 months of follow-up after the transition as your advocate, liaison, and sounding board

    Stacy's Helping Hand goes above and beyond by providing ongoing support even after the initial transition is complete. For three months following the transition, they continue to serve as advocates for the senior, acting as liaisons between the senior and the chosen community or service providers. This ensures a smooth adjustment and addresses any concerns that may arise. Moreover, acting as a sounding board means that seniors and their families have a trusted partner to discuss any issues or uncertainties that arise post-transition.

What sets Stacy's Helping Hand apart is its unique approach to Senior Care Placement Services.

What sets Stacy's Helping Hand apart is its unique approach to Senior Care Placement Services.

Their commitment to seniors' well-being and their families goes beyond the ordinary. Instead of being a simple referral service, their Senior Placement Advisors act as compassionate and reliable experts. They are genuinely invested in finding the best solutions for each individual, providing exceptional care and attention to ensure that seniors and their families receive the support they truly deserve.

Pam and her team at Stacy's Helping Hand offer Senior Care Placement Services that prioritize clients' needs and well-being. Pam's leadership and dedication have shaped industry Best Practices, ensuring consistent and high-quality service. This unique approach, driven by a genuine commitment to seniors and their families, distinguishes Stacy's Helping Hand from the rest and guarantees exceptional care for those in need.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around providing Senior Care Placement Services that empower seniors to take an active role in decisions about their living situation. This client-centric approach is a hallmark of Stacy's Helping Hand and our Senior Placement Advisors, allowing seniors to maintain a sense of control and dignity throughout the transition process. Our neutral stance ensures that every suitable option is explored, providing families with unbiased information to make well-informed choices.

Accompanied Tours of Senior Living Communities

Accompanied Tours of Senior Living Communities

One of the standout features of our Senior Care Placement Services is our commitment to providing accompanied tours of senior living communities. This personalized touch goes a long way in alleviating the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies the transition to a new living environment.

Our dedication to accompanying clients on tours demonstrates our genuine interest in creating a seamless and comfortable experience. This approach showcases our deep understanding of the emotional and practical aspects involved in selecting a senior living community. By being physically present during tours, as Senior Placement Advisors, we can answer questions in real-time, provide insights into the community's atmosphere, and address any concerns that may arise on the spot. This hands-on approach fosters trust and allows clients to make decisions with greater confidence, knowing they have a knowledgeable ally by their side.

Continuous Support After Transition

Continuous Support After Transition

When it comes to our Senior Care Placement Services, our commitment to clients doesn't end once a senior has transitioned to their new living arrangement. In fact, it's only the beginning. Recognizing that adjusting to a new environment can be a gradual process, our Senior Placement Advisors offer an extended period of continuous support that lasts for three months after the transition.

During this crucial phase, our Senior Placement Advisors act as steadfast advocates, liaisons, and sounding boards. We ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible, addressing any concerns that may arise and facilitating open communication between the seniors, their families, and the chosen senior living community. This ongoing support in our Senior Care Placement Services not only reassures families but also provides seniors with a familiar and comforting presence as they settle into their new homes. By being accessible and responsive, our Senior Care Placement Services, through our Senior Placement Advisors, contribute to a positive and successful transition, fostering a sense of belonging and security for seniors in their new environment.

Happy Client Reviews

Anthony A

Pam is knowledgeable, helpful, patient, kind, and ethical. Her services are invaluable. Her knowledge of levels of care, facilities, and guidance is second to none. Her motives are finding the best possible living situation for your loved one and a good match for the family, client, and the facility. She is trusted respected and valued among the Colorado elder care community. I recommend Pam to anyone currently looking or considering placement in the future for parents who will eventually require more support. She is more than a placement coordinator. She is the empathetic partner you want alongside you through the difficult journey of aging parents. We could not be more grateful for her.

Christine Dupont-patz

I honestly do not know what I would have done without Pam at Stacy's Helping Hand. My mom had multiple medical diagnoses that made placement very difficult, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Her doctor's "patient services" were absolutely no help at all. A dear friend recommended Pam, who was very patient and thorough. Even after the move, she followed up and made sure things were going smoothly. I highly recommend Stacy's Helping Hand.

Banee Rock

Paul, thanks for all your help with placement for my father. You considered his abilities and his personality and found the right home for him. You saved us a lot of work and time. Thank you, again, Banee Rock.

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