Are Denver Assisted Living Placement Services A Good Resource?

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


The answer is yes. Are you in the process of deciding which Assisted Living Facility in the Denver area would be the best for your loved one? In your search, you will come across many assisted living referral or placement agencies that offer services. There are two types of referral agencies. Below, are some basics you should know first before choosing.

TYPE 1: The most common are national online “big box” referral agencies, which we discuss in our blog post How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Researching Assisted Living. Online referral agencies specialize in getting heads in beds for referral fees and are primarily driven by sales and marketing. We recommend that people avoid this option. An online option you can use on your own that we like better is the Senior BlueBook.

TYPE 2: Local referral agencies, like Stacys Helping Hand, Inc are compensated from facilities like online referral services, but have many distinct advantages over online referral agencies that make using local a better option. Below, we share the key advantages to using a local expert.

Advantages of Denver Assisted Living Expertise

Many local referral/placement services will come and meet and your loved one in person, and they will tour facilities with you. The referral service has probably toured the facilities they are referring you to so they can discuss the level of care they offer, such as:

  • The way the facility charges (flat fee or base rate plus levels of care)
  • A price range
  • Whether the facility accepts medicaid, and
  • The look and feel of the community.

Additional Advantages to Using Local:

  • You will receive up-to-date and custom information about Denver Assisted Living facilities.
  • You have a contact person and someone to talk about your search and potentially meet your loved one in person and tour with you.
  • You get specific recommendations for facilities in the Denver Area which can be make your search less overwhelming.

We’ve found families need more help than they realize. To help you ask the right questions, we’ve put together 6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Denver Assisted Living Referral.

Or, are ready to start your search today with help from a local expert? We provide all the specifics above and more, call us at Stacys Helping Hand, Inc at 720-248-7758 above. We’re here to help you and your family with all of your questions.