6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Assisted Living Referral/Placement Service

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


Are you considering using the services of a Denver Assisted Living Referral or Placement service like Stacys Helping Hand, Inc? We’ve previously reviewed the benefits in detail in our blog post Are Denver Assisted Living Placement Services A Good Resource?, but below we share questions to ask and specifics to look for to be prepared. For example, an important question to ask a referral service about recommended facility options is whether or not they know the facility’s reputation (i.e. through a resident advocate, other 3rd parties, clients that have moved there). Unfortunately, some agents may not have the expertise to assess your loved one’s current social and physical care needs, look ahead to their future care needs, and what that will mean financially in care costs. Below are answers we provide all of our clients; and, questions you should make sure you ask any referral agency you choose.

Here are some questions you should always ask an agent:

  • What is your background in senior care?
  • Do you refer facilities that don’t give a referral fee?
  • What experience do you have with assisted living facilities?
  • Do you tour assisted living facilities with families?
  • Will you assess my loved one in person?
  • Do you follow up with us after placement?

While you might receive some good options, you won’t necessarily get the full picture of options available to you. The problem is that many, possibly 90% or more, won’t recommend the assisted living facilities or appropriate care facilities, if they don’t receive a referral fee. That is not the case at Stacys Helping Hand, Inc. We will always present the best options for your loved one.

Also, not all referral agencies provide families the personal time and advice that they need to make an informed decision about specific assisted living facilities, especially if your loved one is a more difficult or involved case. If you have questions regarding financing options, or health and behavior issues, other referral agencies might not have the training and experience we have to provide answers.

Cons related to working with other referral agencies:

  • There is a good chance you will not receive a complete list of options since since 90% of services will only provide you with facilities that give them a commission.
  • Other referral services may not be ethical and refer to facilities with the highest commission.
  • You might not receive the time and attention you need in order to make the best decision.
  • Other placement services may not have the experience or skills needed to assess your loved ones needs.

Not sure if a privately-owned, Assisted Living Denver based referral agency is for you? Call us to ask us your questions during a free phone consultation at 720-248-7758 .