Client Testimonial by Jo Deane Hinton

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


Stacys Helping Hand, Inc client Jo Deane Hinton, shares his video testimonial with us after working with owner Pam Silverberg, CSA and Joe Bradshaw, RN. We are very thankful to him for his kinds words.

Transcript of Joe’s Video testimonial:

My name is Jo Deane Hinton.

See, I didn’t have any way of taking care of myself. I didn’t have any way of finding other places, and I found the right people. That made the transition so much easier. I felt comfortable with Pam right away, and then when I met Joe, it was just over the top. He’s such a personable person, and I just fell in love with him, because I felt so comfortable with him. I already trusted Joe and Pam from the beginning.

Still trying to get used to the thought of assisted living, but I had no choice, because I couldn’t function anymore. I just turned my life over to them. Joe immediately got ahold of me, and started calling me and visiting me. Joe hence forward started introducing me to the Assisted Living Facilities that they had. At one point, he said … I felt comfortable enough, and he said, “Let’s go check some places out.”

From the moment I met them, I trusted them. That’s number one. I wouldn’t have come out of my depression if I hadn’t have met them. I just left it up to him to initiate my move. I have respect for him, and admiration for him to this day. I’ve never met a man that I’ve had so much admiration for.