Tips for Visiting a Loved One After a Transition to Senior Assisted Living

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


After your loved one is in an Assisted Living facility, previous caregivers and family members need to shift gears. Assisted Living facilities are normally good at fulfilling people’s physical care needs. Moving forward, family members need to put a renewed focus on well being and purpose. This doesn’t just apply to your loved one, it applies to everyone.

Checking-in with Yourself

The events that lead up to putting a loved one in assisted living can weigh heavy on our minds, but if you visit your loved one, guilt and anxiety needs to be left at the door. At Stacys Helping Hand, Inc we’ve learned, that your approach will have a large impact on how your loved one feels. They don’t need reminders, they need to move forward and you will play a major role in their progress.

Checking-in with Staff and the Basics

This comes naturally to most people. Asking staff how your loved one is doing, checking medications and making sure basic care needs are met are obviously important steps. But, you can also help the facility acclimate to your loved ones higher level needs. Let them know more about your loved one’s history and interests and make sure they are participating in activities. You are your loved one’s advocate.

Checking-in with Your Loved One

Prior to visiting, find out their schedule so that you can coordinate your visit with their activities. Leaving can be hard, but if you time it right, you can leave when another activity is getting started and avoid a potentially difficult event. If you have the ability to regularly visit or talk on the phone, try to stick to a consistent schedule. This will give your loved one structure and predictability in their week. When you can’t keep a schedule, have other family members and loved ones step in or arrange a call to help carry the torch.

After your loved one has a little bit of time and adjustment, previous caregivers and family members can go through their own mini struggle. Assisted Living Denver is often a breath of fresh air for residents. They have comradery, daily activities and a renewed sense of independence. It isn’t unusual for them to have prior plans that might not involve your presence. For family members and friends that have done so much, this can feel a little bit like a dis. Keep in mind though that this is actually what you both wanted. When your loved one is taken care of, the hard part is getting back to taking care of yourself.

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