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Stacys Helping Hand clients Valerie and her mom Elizabeth share how Pam and her team helped them transition to a new Assisted Living Facility in Denver, Colorado that would be a better fit. After Valerie’s Dad died, her mom’s social and community needs changed. The place she was in was a good facility, just not the best fit for her lifestyle.


Valerie: When I moved my parents into assisted living about a year and a half ago, they originally were in a really large facility with an apartment. It was fine when my dad was alive because he was very social and interactive. My mom would tag along with him. After he died last January about 9 months ago, my mom just really started to isolate and get depressed. A discharge planner at a hospital where she was at for a short time suggested that we look for a smaller place where she might get more attention, have more interaction with people. I had no idea where to begin. The discharge planner recommended Pam from Stacys Helping Hand to really help us find a place because there are so many in the Denver area. Pam took the time to meet with me and my mom and my aunt and find out exactly what we want. She talked to my mom about what she likes to do. We talked about what location might be good for us. We talked about our budget, and she was able to develop a really good list for us of places to look at.

The first place we looked at was absolutely perfect. It fit our budget. It was within 10 to 15 minutes of me and my aunt, so we could visit my mom frequently, and my mom likes it, right?

Elizabeth: I love it.

Valerie: The food is good. The people are sweet. She gets all sorts of attention, and she’s participating in activities, which she wasn’t doing before. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Pam. She really hit a bullseye for us. We really, really appreciate all the help that she gave us.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Pam.

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