Assisted Living Options – 6 Reasons Bigger is Not Always Better

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


What is a Residential Care Home?

They are refurbished houses and small Assisted Living communities go by several names, such as: Residential Care, Adult Living, Supported Care, Adult Care, Board & Care, Residential Assisted Living. Residential Care is one of the most commonly used terms, but the image the term conveys is inaccurate. Residential assisted living is a more accurate name because the residence provides the same services as a large Assisted Living in a home-based personal setting. They are also licensed by the State of Colorado and have same rules and regulations to follow.

When should you consider a smaller assisted living facility like a Residential Assisted Living Home?

While many people seek out large Assisted Living facilities because they think that bigger is better, very often, the opposite is true. Here’s why:

1.No Button Necessary

In a small setting, residents don’t have to press a button and for help to arrive. Instead, they can see what’s going on around the house and just call out to them if necessary.

2.Familiar Faces

The staff-to-resident ratio is often higher in Residential Assisted Living. If your loved one has dementia, consistency and more help from the same people means there will be less stress and confusion. This is why many of the smaller places specialize in memory care and/or can keep residents if their dementia progresses.

3.More One-on-one Attention

Introverts can be easily overwhelmed in a large setting and isolate. It’s easier for staff to learn each resident’s intricacies so that they can tailor their care. With just the right mix of stimulation and personal attention, many seniors will have the environment they need to thrive.

4.Home-like Feel

The close-knit setting of a residence provides a home-like experience with the ability to retain independence. Residents will eat home-cooked meals in kitchens and dining rooms. They have porches and gardens for relaxation. The peaceful, familiar setting allows seniors to develop wonderful relationships with staff and residents.

5.Reduced Stress & Trauma

Due to the closeness of Residential Assisted Living’s familial relationship, there is an age-in-place environment, often keeping residents through hospice. By offering continuity and avoiding multiple moves, residents and their families enjoy reduced stress and avoid trauma.

6.More Affordable

The price tag for a living in a residential care community is often half the cost of nursing home care, and in Colorado, it is even more affordable than some Assisted Living Communities.

Why isn’t Everyone Using Residential Assisted Living? Every person is different. Preferred settings vary depending on personality and care needs. Very active seniors might want and need the stimulation a larger community provides. Researching all your options for Assisted Living facilities is difficult and time consuming. They vary widely in amenities, services and specialties. Due to frustration, and lack of information and time, people often choose communities that are better known, but that doesn’t mean they are the best fit for their loved one. This is one of the many reasons why we love what we can do for families. Finding the best Assisted Living community for seniors is our specialty. If you have a question about residential Assisted Living Denver, give us a call at the number above.