What to Consider When Looking for Reputable Independent Living Communities in Denver?

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There are tons of reasons why Denver, Colorado, is the best place for you or your loved ones to retire. According to U.S Census Bureau, in 2019 Colorado ranked as the 5th best state to age in. There are many factors that are obvious as to why this state, keeps on attracting retirees every year. This is the reason why most people look for reputable Independent Living Communities in Denver.

Though its cost of living is higher than average, Colorado’s government lowered the financial burden of its thriving senior communities. The tax deductions to its senior citizens’ retirement income are some of the highest in the United States. Hence, it also includes deductions to property taxes. But this isn’t the only thing that makes senior living in Denver so attractive to seniors. Hundreds of families are opting to have their loved ones reside in one of the many reputable senior facilities and communities in Denver. These communities include independent living communities where seniors can live on their own. They are given the right tools to do so.

Why Choose An Independent Living Community?

When choosing the right retirement residences for your loved one it is important to remember that not all seniors are suited to live in independent living communities. These communities differ from other residences for the elderly, and are best suited for those seniors that are able to care for themselves and don’t require special care options. As a result, when your loved one has medical issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s, independent living communities may not be the right place for them and instead, you should consider assisted living or memory care facilities.

Independent living communities have amenities and services that make living alone for older adults simple. In this kind of lifestyle, residents live in a secure environment with minimal assistance facilitated by a professional staff 24/7. The Denver metropolitan area is home to more than 38 independent living communities, 22 of which are in Denver, while the other 16 are located near the city. With so many homes to consider it can be overwhelming to choose the best and safest community for your loved one.

Finding Independent Living Communities in Denver

When deciding on which community is best for your family, it is important to know what you should consider when looking for a reputable independent living community in Denver. Here are some key points to take into consideration:

  • Cost

    Firstly, finances are a major point to consider when it comes to moving your loved one to an independent living community. It is important to narrow down a budget before starting the research process so you stay within it. Also take note that not all insurance companies cover independent living, though some may contribute.

  • Reviews and testimonials

    Secondly, one of the best ways to learn if a community you are researching walks their talk is getting feedback from other families. This is one of the best ways to find a credible community. It also helps to know what it is really like to live there.

  • Location

    It is important to consider where the community is located in relation to other businesses and your family. You should consider the distance of hospitals, city parks, and grocery stores to any independent living community you are considering.

  • Transportation

    Some communities offer scheduled trips outside of the facilities. This includes trips to museums, parks, and other locations to boost the lifestyle of senior residents. Make note if the independent living community you are considering does this or if it offers transportation services. Most importantly, transportation is a vital need of many elderly individuals. In addition, it is even more essential to residents with medical necessities.

Choose Stacy’s Helping Hand

Looking for an independent living community for an elderly family member can be just as fun as finding your first home. Choosing the right community doesn’t have to be tiring and lonesome with Stacy’s Helping Hand! With our knowledge about the senior home industry and an unrelenting dedication to finding your loved one a new home the choice becomes easy. Stacy’s Helping Hand commits helping families find their loved one’s new homes. Request a free consultation on our website or call (720) 248-7758 for more information.