Choosing The Perfect Assisted Living Facilities in Denver

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After years of raising a family and living life, our grandparents or parents may move into our homes. Although it may be ideal for them to stay with family, many complications come with aging. Reduced mobility and health conditions to name a few. For most families, it can be a difficult task to care for an elderly loved one. It requires constant checkups and awareness of feelings and behaviors. Some people cannot keep up with their needs, simply because they do not have access to the right equipment, medication, and training to do so.

The question then arises, “Should we opt for professional assistance?” The answer to this question lies in knowing that your relative deserves to have a comfortable life. If you decided on an assisted living facility, Stacy’s Helping Hand can help you find the right one in Denver.

First Steps To Moving to Assisted Living

One of the first steps to transitioning a loved one to an assisted living facility is to evaluate them to see if they are a good candidate for this type of community. Some people assume that nursing homes and assisted living are the same BUT they offer very different types of care. After performing this evaluation you should start researching the facilities in the area. Stacy’s Helping Hand can help provide you with the right questions to ask when visiting your top options. You must be very thorough during the selection process otherwise the move can be counterproductive.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Facility?

The best way to decide if a facility is right for your family is to tour the community. See how it operates on a day-to-day basis. When you are walking around the community, a few basic considerations:

Cleanliness & friendliness

It is important that the employees are friendly and caring to current residents. If you sense that the staff is grumpy or unhelpful, then this is not a community you want your loved one to live in. It is also important that the facility and grounds are well taken care of.

Sense of community

It is vital to evaluate the environment and sense of community a facility has because the overall environment where your senior family member lives will ultimately affect their life and well-being. A facility has to suit their needs, foster a sense of belongings, and give them an opportunity to form new friendships to be the right one.

Current residents recommend it

Lastly, have a chat with the current residents and try to gain their feedback. They may have some opinions that can only come from the perspective of a resident and will be very valuable in the decision-making process.

Finding the Best Assisted Living Facilities in Denver

Stacy’s Helping Hand is here to ensure that you find the perfect assisted living facilities in Denver for your family member. When your family is ready to start the research process and learn more give us a call at (720) 248-7758 or visit our website for more information