A Home Away from Home: Benefits of Memory Care Facilities in Denver

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Cognitive impairment changes how a person feels, thinks, and behaves. Most memory-impaired individuals have good and bad days, and on bad days they may experience expressions of distress (behavioral challenges) in the form of paranoia, aggression, or incontinence. As your loved one’s physical and cognitive abilities weaken with the progression of their memory impairment. You may find it challenging to take care of him or her on your own. There also may come a time when he or she needs a greater degree of care than you can offer, and when this time comes, finding a memory care facility in Denver can help you ensure that your loved one is comfortable and receives the best care.There are many benefits a memory care facilities can bring us to our loved ones.

Denver is home to many reputable memory care facilities that are trusted by seniors and families in the area. Each facility differs in the services and amenities offered, which can make choosing one complicated and overwhelming. But don’t fret because Stacy’s Helping Hand is here to help you find a quality memory care facility in Denver for your loved one.

What Does a Memory Care Facility Do?

Memory care facilities offer long-term care for those diagnosed with a cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s, Lewey Body dementia, vascular dementia or general dementia. The residents has monitoring 24/7 to ensure their maximum wellbeing and facilities provide activities that are focus on stimulating memory. Employees are specifically has training to understand the behavioral changes brought on by dementia. They can help provide meals and assist residents in their day-to-day lives.

Benefits of Memory Care

Individuals with memory impairments require special long-term care and attention. This is why finding a community where they can thrive is essential. Hence, a secure memory care facility may be the best option for some with memory impairments and these facilities offer many benefits including:


Memory care facilities are designed to strike a balance between freedom and security. Since one of the symptoms of dementia is wandering, these facilities have 24/7 surveillance. It also has built-in alarms on the doors and elevators to prevent seniors from getting too far. Although these facilities promise security, they also aim to give residents enough freedom to ensure they don’t feel trapped. Additionally, employees have training to redirect and help your loved one engage in activities that may be considered too risky for them to do alone.

Fun and engaging activities

Memory care facilities have programs and activities focused around cognitive stimulation. Hence, staff members will design programs and daily activities according to the interests and preferences of each resident. It is an effort to keep the mind active and work to slow down the memory impairment. These activities and engagement also allow for social interaction among residents as many activities can be done in pairs or groups.

Trained staff

Caring for your loved one with dementia requires around-the-clock care and can be exhausting. Employees are explicitly train to aid residents in their day-to-day lives. They understand the symptoms and effects of people in these cases. Staff members will also monitor changes in behavior and the health of each resident so they can take immediate action if an emergency suddenly occurs.

Peace of mind for the family

Your loved one isn’t the only one that will benefit from investing in a memory care facility. Hence,other family members will benefit from knowing that their loved one is living in a memory care facility that provides security, comfort, engaging activities, and around-the-clock staff.

Find The Best Memory Care Facility For Your Loved One in Denver

Stacy’s Helping Hand understands how exhausting and challenging finding the next home for your loved one can be. We are here to find a quality memory care facility for your family. We will help you research and decide on which facility in the Denver Area is best for your family, loved one, and budget. Contact us at (720) 248-7758 today, or visit our website https://www.stacyshelpinghand.com for more information.