Tips for a Successful Move into an Independent Living Community in Denver

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So you and your family have decided that it’s time to move into an independent living community, congratulations! This is a big and exciting decision, and a whole new environment and community is waiting for you in Denver.

While you or your loved one might be excited for this change, you are likely a little apprehensive about what awaits. With the proper resources and support your move can be less stressful. There are also local placement services, like Stacy’s Helping Hand, to help your family find the best independent living community in Denver for you and make the transition easier.

When is the Right Time to Move to an Independent Living Community?

Although the decision to move to senior living depends on several factors, if you feel you would have more peace of mind knowing that someone is always nearby to assist you in an emergency situation, it may be time to start researching independent living communities near you. Seniors who feel they would benefit from a sense of community and planned social activities are also candidates for independent living.

Tips for a Smooth Transition to Independent Living

Everything about moving can be overwhelming, especially for older adults who have lived in their home for years. The good thing is, help is ALWAYS available. Follow these tips to make your transition to independent living as smooth as possible:

Speak to your family

It is essential to communicate your feelings about moving to your loved ones. Talk about your fears, wants, and desires so you all agree on the best choice. Remember, your wants and needs are driving the final decision. By being honest with your family and yourself you can ensure you will end up in a community that is right for you!

Visit each community you are considering

It is also important to visit all the independent living communities you are considering so you get an idea of what everyday life is like there and see the amenities and community yourself. Be sure to talk to current residents and staff to understand what the community is like.

Do not rush!

Give yourself time to process everything. On the other hand, don’t be easily swayed by your emotions. Visit different communities, research and decide after evaluating all the facts and your feelings.

Seek some outside help

Always remember that you are not alone in this journey. Aside from your family, there are companies that specialize in helping seniors evaluate the senior living options in your area and will guide you to choosing the one that is the best fit. Contact these services so you can find a “new home” that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Transition With Stacy’s Helping Hand

Want to feel confident in your decision about which independent living community in Denver is best for you? They can hold your hand through the whole process – from the beginning of your search to staying in contact with you for three months after as your liaison and advocate. Contact Stacy’s Helping Hand today or visit our website for more information about our services.