Signs It May Be Time To Move To A Memory Care Facility in Denver

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After someone is diagnosed with a memory impairment some family members will question whether living at home is the safest option. It is for someone dealing with memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, or dementia. This question does not come with a one size fits all answer and the answer varies on a case-by-case basis. Some seniors with memory impairments are perfectly capable of living at home with a little help. While others need to be move to memory care facility to ensure their safety and improve their well-being.

Memory care facilities in Denver are one way to improve your loved one’s quality of life while ensuring their medical, emotional and cognitive needs are being cared for.

Top Signs That A Senior Should Move To A Memory Care Facility

The decision to move your family member to a memory care facility, or other senior living arrangement, can cause many families to feel guilt and fear. However, it is important to remember that doing so can improve your loved one’s quality of life. It can be one of the best choices you make for them. Recognizing the signs that it is time to move your loved one to a memory care facility is the key. It is to create a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. Below are the top signs to watch out for:

Senior Neglects Personal Care and Loses Track of Daily Activities

Seniors with memory impairments can often forget to take measures to care for their health and well-being because of a lack of awareness or memory impairment. If you find your loved one in a situation where they no longer pay much attention to their hygiene and neglect self-care or other activities of daily living, it is time to start researching care in the home or a facility. In addition, if you find spoiled food in the refrigerator that can many times be a sign of memory impairment.

Senior Wanders and Does Not Recognize Family

Failing to recognize familiar places or people can result in hazardous or scary situations for seniors with memory impairments and their family members. If your loved one wanders out of their home or doesn’t recognize their home it is time to move them to a memory care facility or provide 24/7 oversight at home. Memory care facilities are design for wandering. It have caregivers available to monitor and calm residents down in times of distress. Moving your loved one to a memory care facility will also help ensure their safety as these facilities have 24/7 surveillance. It also has security to ensure residents don’t wander too far.

Senior Requires Help Beyond Measures

There may come an instance when your loved one needs more care than you can provide them. If this occurs, a memory care facility can be the best choice for you and your elder. Memory care facilities are design to help seniors continue their lives in an environment where they feel safe, cared for, and supported.

Finding The Best Memory Care Facility in Denver

When searching for the best memory care for your loved one, it is necessary to do some research. You can also do touring to determine which facility is right for your family. Stacy’s Helping Hand is here to help you research facilities. We will also find the facility that is best suited to your loved one’s needs and wants. Our team will help guide you throughout the process of finding a memory care facility. We will advocate for you along the way. Contact us today at (720) 248-7758 or check out our website for more information!