Stacy’s Helping Hand Can Assist You in Your Search

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Since 2007, Stacy’s Helping Hand has assisted seniors and families in their search for the living environment that will best meets their needs. We can meet with you to narrow down your search so that you do not have to visit dozens Independent Living Communities. Call us at (720) 248-7758 or fill out a contact form. We offer a free consultation.

Seniors prefer living independently but want to meet people in everyday life as well. For them, independent senior living may be the best choice, because not only can live in their home or apartment with a kitchen, but they can also socialize and become part of the fun activities with their friends. They are provided with over site, someone to clean their home or apartment, offer meals as an option, and provide transportation to different places and accompany them.

Independent Living Community

An Independent living community provides all the basic services to the elderly (some are more luxurious than others), so they can live with a sense of peace that there is someone there, if they need assistance. They also can have opportunities for fun and relaxation. They will live their life without all the worry of having the upkeep on their home.