What are Independent Living Communities?

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |

Independent living communities are for seniors capable of living independently, but who do not want to care for a home or have too many responsibilities of everyday life. They can benefit from companionship and the sense of security of knowing that someone is always nearby to assist them in an emergency situation. It also gives them the freedom to travel and focus on other interests. They can participate in social activities provided at the community and meet people with similar interests.

Independent Living Communities all offer meals, exercise and social programs as well as convenient services such as transportation to shopping. It is possible to find one that accepts small pets. They are definitely not all the same. You may find one that offers you a living space in a stand-alone cottage or as an apartment in a high-rise building. Although the community does not offer assistance with personal care, you can arrange for your own in-home care assistance in your own apartment.