5 Tips for Preparing a Move to Assisted Living

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |


By the time the actual day comes for your loved one to move, there is a mixed bag of emotions for everyone involved. The process is challenging, but if you stay positive and ask for help, you can overcome the temporary stress. There is plenty of work to go around so conduct a family meeting to prepare, plan and delegate:

1) Paperwork and Finances

There is a seemingly endless flow of paperwork during the transition process. Whoever gets to deal with the paperwork and finances might need Power of Attorney, so getting a lawyer involved early in the process is important. Forms range from detailed health records that require a doctor to sign off on while others might just require a signature.

Sometimes the paperwork consists of a large binder that needs to be completed prior to move-in. While the binder approach is common, some facilities handle paperwork digitally which can be easier if the person who is handling the paperwork is computer savvy.

There are two digital approaches, one allows people to sign off within their browser using a hyperlink that the facility emails to you which is really convenient. The other approach is when facilities simply scan paperwork and email the PDF to you which is a little less convenient. Normally, people will print and scan the signed documents and email or fax them back. But, there is an easier way to sign documents that How to Geek has outlined here that doesn’t require printing and scanning.

2.) The Room

Preparing the room can be a really fun, albeit bittersweet, process. The goal is to create a familiar setting, like home. Pick out your loved one’s favorites. Put up pictures, hang art on the walls and put up window treatments. While space for furniture might be limited, you still have pillows, blankets, photos and books that can help turn a room into a new home.

3.) Clothes and Toiletries

Identifying your loved one’s favorites really helps out almost every part of the process. Almost everyone has clothes that we love to wear or toiletries that we have to have. Moving with the right clothes and toiletries can be underappreciated. Pay attention to the details and the transition will be much easier on your loved one.

4.) The Move

While the move often looms large over people’s heads, it really shouldn’t. The move can wait until after your loved one is comfortable in their new setting. Then, when the time comes for the move, these jobs can easily be handled by experts. Organizers, packers, real estate sale agents, movers, cleaners and storage facilities are all prepared to help during this stage of life. Almost everyone in the senior care industry has connections, but you have to ask.

5.) Your Loved One

The most important part in every step of this process is to listen to your loved one. This is a big change. Hear their concerns and address them when possible. Reassure them they aren’t going to be left alone. You can help them get familiar with care givers and introduce them to other residents prior to moving if necessary. Plan visits and communication so that they know when to expect you. If you stay positive and flexible throughout this process, your loved one probably will too.

If you would feel more comfortable talking to a Senior Transition expert to get answers to your questions, for looking for Assisted Living in Denver Colorado, call our team at Stacys Helping Hand, Inc at 720-248-7758. Families we help tell us how the process has felt less daunting once they reached out for help and that they wished they had known about our service sooner.