Questions to Ask When Choosing From the Best Independent Living Communities in Denver, CO

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It’s true that an individual’s yearning for independence doesn’t diminish with age. Having the ability to take care for themselves has a significant impact on how seniors feel about themselves. However, with aching knees and back pain, it can be quite challenging for them to maintain living their best life on their own. Luckily, senior care exists to promote and maintain independence for older adults such as independent living community.

Today’s independent living communities are comfortable, lively, and full of active seniors doing what they love and spending less time taking care of house responsibilities. In Denver alone, you can find many reputable independent living communities that offer the best senior living for your loved ones. Let Stacy’s Helping Hand help you determine which independent living community in Denver is best for your loved one.

Is Independent Living Community Best for Your Loved One?

Transitioning to independent living is never easy, but knowing it’s in their best interest makes it easier. This move will ensure that their future needs are met and that they won’t be deprived of the independence they deserve. Many seniors move to these communities because of housework struggles but loneliness can also set in as people age. The opportunity to meet new people and get their social life back is another main reason people move to independent living communities.

5 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Independent Living Community

When choosing which independent living community is right for your loved one there are tons of factors and considerations to keep in mind. Doing your homework is necessary and this includes asking the important questions before deciding on a community. Below are some essential questions that can help you find the best independent living community for you or your loved one:

Is the community capable of fulfilling my loved one’s needs?

It is essential first to evaluate the current and future needs and wants of your loved one. By doing so will help your family find a community that can cater to them. Prioritizing your loved one’s top needs and wants will also help you stay on track and remember which amenities and features are most important to them

How much does independent living community cost?

Unfortunately, independent living is not free. So, you must be knowledgeable about the costs that each community comes with so you can avoid surprises later on. Each community varies in upfront and monthly fees, so ask a lot of questions about their pricing and payment options.

What are the amenities and activities they offer?

Some facilities feature a bistro, swimming pool, salon, and other amenities that make their residents feel fulfilled. To ensure your loved one will live comfortably, you want to pick a community that has updated amenities and activities that match your senior’s interests such as fitness classes, sports, and game nights.

Would the community feel like home for my loved one?

The sense of “home” is something your family should try to find when looking for an independent living community. One way to determine this is to observe how dedicated the management is to making residents feel comfortable while accommodating their needs and how other residents feel about the community. Your loved one should definitely be a part of this decision. What feels good and comfortable. If you are narrowing it down for them, it is highly recommended that you take them to the community and see how they feel about it. Let them have lunch or dinner.

What makes this community different from the others?

Most independent living communities share the same recreational activities and amenities. However there are factors, especially the intangibles, that set one apart from the others. It’s best to ask the community management detailed questions about what makes them unique. This can help you see how your loved one would fit in.

Stacy’s Helping Hand is Here to Help!

Choosing an independent living community is a big decision, but Stacy’s Helping Hand can make it easier. We’re here to help you get the answers to all your questions and give you advice along the way so you can rest easy knowing the right independent living community in Denver is waiting for your loved one. Call us at (720) 248-7758 or visit our website for more information!