Factors to Consider When Searching for a Nursing Home in Denver Metro Area

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |

Medicare has provided an extensive checklist that anyone can use to help them evaluate Nursing Homes. It can be broken down into general categories of questions to think about, evaluate or ask of the personnel when you call or visit. Some examples are:

  • General questions: Is the facility Medicare abd/or Medicaid certified? Can you see a copy of the state inspection report? Is it in a location where family members can easily visit? Does the facility have the level of care and expertise needed for your loved one?
  • Concerning the facility itself: Is it clean and free of unpleasant odors? Is it noisy? How is the temperature? Is there good lighting and nice, bright windows? Is smoking limited to certain areas? Are there private areas to accommodate visitation? Are there handrails in hallways and bathrooms?
  • Staffing questions: Is there adequate staff to meet the needs of the residents? Are the staff respectful and polite? Do they interact kindly with the residents? What has been the turnover rate for the past year?
  • Resident room evaluations: Do residents have space in their rooms for their personal belongings? Does each room have a window? How are personal belongings of residents protected? Can residents decorate their rooms with their own items? Do they each have a phone and television?
  • Do residents have choices: Are there activities for residents who are able to participate? Can they make selections for their food and drinks? Are there set times for going to sleep, waking up, bathing and eating? Can visitors come any time?

Not all of these may be important to your selection, but they can certainly provide you guidelines.