Factors to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Facility in Denver Metro Area

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |

An Alzheimer’s education and advocacy group has published a list of questions they suggest loved ones ask of the administration and staff of every Memory Care Facility they are considering for long term care. If possible, talk to family members of residents who are being cared for.

  • Determine the level of care provided. You want to be sure the facility can meet the specific needs of your loved one.
  • Inquire about the training and certifications of the staff. Do they know how to deal with a resident’s refusal to eat, bathe, drink fluids or comply with daily routines? What is the staff to resident ratio for day and night?
  • Find out what services are included in a flat rate and what services will result in an extra monthly fee.
  • What is the level of personal assistance provided to each resident?
  • Discuss medical emergencies and determine how they are handled.
  • Ask detailed questions about security. Those in need of memory care often wander and become disoriented. Ask specifically how the facility prevents this from happening.
  • How are meals provided and are special dietary requirements honored? How do they handle food allergies or accommodate those with special dietary requests?
  • Inquire about housekeeping and laundry services. Are they included in the flat rate or is there an extra charge? How often are these services provided?
  • What is the protocol for handling special care needs, such as wandering, physical aggression, diabetic issues and other problems unique to an individual resident?
  • How do they communicate with family members?
  • Do they have residents who they determine must be discharged? If so, what is the procedure and policy?