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Stacys Helping Hand


We are an experienced team of Senior Care Managers. Since 2007 Stacy’s Helping Hand has been helping seniors find the care they need. Stacy started the company because she saw a need. She was the Regional Manager for several Memory Care facilities in the Denver Metro Area. Dozens of families would call and her facility would be full or not a good fit so she would help the family find their loved one the best care options. When she started Stacy’s Helping Hand it was one of the first Senior Placement Service in the Denver area.

In 2011 Pam started working with Stacy. She had been one those stressed out and overwhelmed families. Pam knew that she was not the only one that had been overwhelmed looking for an appropriate Assisted Living Facility. Pam knew Stacy’s heart was in the right place and wanted her as a mentor. In 2013 Stacy moved and Pam subsequently took over the business.

Joe, an RN and assisted living facility owner, joined the team. Over time Pam and Joe found that staying in touch with families and acting as their liaison and advocate for several months really helped make an easier transition for the senior and their family. In addition, they also found that families needed additional services. Stacy’s Helping Hand transitioned from a Senior Placement service to Interim Care Managers, and added Diana, a Social Worker, to the team.

Over the years, Stacy’s Helping Hand has helped hundreds of families have peace of mind. Time and time again they hear that having someone by their side during this stressful time was invaluable. For more Info, you may Contact Us here at 720-620-3754.