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Pam Silverberg, CSA

Senior Care Specialist

Pam is a long time resident of the Denver area. In 2009, her Uncle Paul fell and was subsequently diagnosed with dementia. He lived with them for a short time with the support of home care. Due to the stairs and his level of dementia, she needed to transition him to an assisted living facility. Her experience taught her that she would enjoy helping seniors and their families alleviate the emotional stress of finding care options. After several years of working side-by-side with Stacy, Pam took over Stacy’s Helping Hand when Stacy moved in 2013.

As an Senior Care Manager, Pam utilizes over 5 years of experience working with hundreds of families who needed help understanding and finding care options. She has never forgotten how overwhelming it was to have to research and tour dozens of communities. Pam says, “That is why this service is so amazing. We can assess the senior’s needs, quickly rule out dozens of facilities, make the transition seamless and easier, and alleviate a family’s stress.”


Joe Bradshaw, RN

Senior Care Specialist

Joe grew up in Denver and worked as a Nurse at Denver Health Emergency Department in Critical Care for almost 14 years. There, he helped people at some of the most stressful times in their life. After leaving Denver Health, Joe went to work at Rose Hospital.

He shared “working at Rose I witnessed first-hand the struggles that seniors were experiencing shifting from living independently to requiring assistance and suitable quality care.” It impassioned Joe to act and in 2006 he opened an assisted living facility. His facility is licensed for 9 residents where he and his staff provide 24/7 oversite and care.  Joe opened his second assisted living facility in 2015.

As an Senior Care Manager, Joe utilizes over 17 years of experience as a Register Nurse and assisted living facility owner. He is dedicated to providing valuable resources to families through their times of transition. Joe enjoys using his nursing skills and senior living care experience to assist seniors and their families to find the right care and fit for their loved one’s.


Senior Care Specialist

Diana Hersh, LCSW

Diana has been a social worker in the Denver area for 25 years. Diana was the first patient and family advocate, through Jewish Family Services, for Denver area nursing home residents. She then moved into hospital social work, where she has stayed ever since. Being an advocate for patients and families has been her passion for all these years.

Diana shared “having seen many changes in seniors’ housing and the health care system over the years, I feel it is more important than ever to help people discover what choices are available for themselves and their family members.”

As an Senior Care Manager, Diana utilizes over 25 years of her expertise in individual and family work. She is dedicated to providing valuable support to families in understanding and finding their care options. Diana continues to enjoy this tradition of helping others find their own way.