How do I know if Stacy’s Helping Hand can help and will be a good service for our family?

Author: Stacy's Helping Hand |

To see if we are good service for your family you can give us a call for a free consultation. Together we can discuss how we can help you. Regardless of whether you choose to use our service, we can talk about your care options.

Below is what Families tell us about our service:

  • Their family saved countless hours of time and stress because we had done the leg work by touring and inspecting more than 300 Denver Metro facilities.
  • Together we quickly ruled out dozens of facilities that wouldn’t be a good fit because of our high level assessment and deep understanding of their loved one’s needs.
  • Educating them about what may lie ahead gave them a sense of relief just knowing.
  • By working with us they avoided spending thousands of additional dollars each month on care.
  • They felt assured knowing we were there and it made the transition seamless and easier.
  • Having us as their liaison for 3 months or longer gave them peace of mind. They felt relieved that if there were any issues we would be there to advocate for them.