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Tips to Take Care of Alzheimer’s Patient at homes

How to take care of your Alzheimer’s patient at home? When you find that your senior loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the easier option is to care for his or her at home. The caring is a quite difficult task,and you may face new challenges and new patterns of behavior. The daily life activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating will be increasingly difficult to manage. You should make a plan for achieving all the things.

Tips to Take care of Alzheimer’s Patient at home

Here are few tips that can work well and may provide you the benefits. Each patient of Alzheimer is unique and will have the different response.

Look for Patterns

Analyze the condition of Alzheimer’s patient and establish the routine to make things go with the flow. The state of the person varies from day to day, thus, be adaptable and flexible as needed.


Try to communicate and interact with the Alzheimer’s Care patient, though it’s breathtakingly intricate.The communication is either difficult to understand other or being understood is. Here are few suggestions:

  • Use straightforward language and to the point sentences with the slow and calm tone
  • Don’t ignore the Alzheimer’s patient and don’t treat him/her as a baby
  • Minimize noise and distractions such as the radio or television to help them listen to you
  • Call them by their name and keep them attentive before talking
  • Give them space while waiting for the response
  • Ask questions and give instructions in a positive way


Some Alzheimer’s patient don’t find any difficulty in bathing, while others consider it as confusing and frightening experience.  They often think that they did bath recently, but in fact, it has been too long.Do some planning to make bath experience even better for both of you?

  • Start making the plan for the tub when the patient is calm. Choose the appropriate day timing and then develop a routine at that time.
  • Understand the fact that the bathing is uncomfortable for some Alzheimer’s patient, be respectful, patient, and calm.
  • Make it sure that you have already planned anything and every necessary thing is ready in the bathroom before starting.
  • Be aware of the temperature and aware the room before bath. Check the water you are going to use for the tub of the patient.


The person who has Alzheimer’s will find difficulty in choosing what to wear.Making some effort can solve the problem.

  • Dress them at the same time each day, and they will develop the routine in this way.
  • Encourage the patient to be active and look well.
  • Allow them to choose the dress of their choice. If he or she has the favorite dress, then fill the wardrobe with the similar pieces.
  • Store all the clothes in the separate room. Only main three to four dress should be kept in the closet.
  • Choose the comfortable clothing and maintaining the track of the cleanliness of the clothes.


There are two types of Alzheimer’s patient; some want to eat all the time while others need to be encouraged.

  • Make the time for social interaction during mealtime.
  • Aim for calm, sweet and relaxed mealtime atmosphere by limiting noise and otherreduced distractions.
  • Maintain same timing for meals daily.
  • Make the right food choices and give the delicious food that has varied textures, familiar flavors, and appealing colors.
  • Make healthy snacks throughout the year.
  • Make the patient drink plenty of fruit juices and water to avoid dehydration.