Questions to Ask Before Considering Senior Care Facilities

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We all know it is very important to choose the right assisted living for your senior, but in order to do so you need to understand the type of information you need and what questions you should ask in order to best determine the right fit. Asking the right questions makes it possible for you to learn a lot about the place, where you are moving your loved ones.

To find Assisted Living in Denver you should ask the following questions. As more people move to Colorado, we are seeing an increasing amount of elderly living here.

Senior Care Facilities Questions to Ask Before Considering

If you want to know what place will be a better choice for your senior, then you can get the information you need by asking the following questions to the Senior Care Facilities in Denver.

1.What is Your Experience and Background in Senior Care?

When you ask this question, you can learn why that facility and their staff decided to begin caring for seniors. You can learn about their intentions behind this community and how much effort they are going to put into taking care of your loved one or if it only the bottom line that they are worried about..

2.What is Their Experience with Assisted Living Facility?

If the owner, management and staff of a facility have their hearts in the right place it will go a long way because your senior can sense when people who care for them truly care. However, with that being said the owner, management team and lead caregivers must be experienced with emotional, physical and cognitive issues to look out for in seniors. It is important to understand the strengths of the facility: memory care, physical care, behaviors, more alert and active residents. You can always re-visit the facility and see for yourself.

3.Do They Provide Transportation to Tour Facilities?

Most families like it when their loved one can come and tour the senior care facility with them. And it is a good idea for the potential resident to visit and tour the top 1-2 facilities that were the family’s top choices. Sometimes a facility may even come and pick up a potential resident in order to enable that potential resident to tour. This way, the family doesn’t have to pick them up and it gives you a chance to see how they facility can help with transfers.

4.Will You Be Able to Visit Your Loved One?

There are some Assisted Livings that do have visiting hours, but most definitely you can visit your loved one. It is their home, They are able to come and go with you. The facility will only ask that you let them know if you are going out so they can send medication, If a facility is not encouraging you to come and visit, then that should raise some red flags.

5.Will They Give All of Their Attention to Your Loved One?

Families want their senior to live a peaceful and happy life in an Assisted Living, and therefore, they want extra care to be given to their loved one. The reality is that they are not going to get one-on-one care. There are many residents that they will be caring for. Asking what their response time is when resident requests assistance is important. Asking residents or families their experience on response times while touring can be a good idea. How often will the caregivers check on your loved one, to assess them in person and see if they are okay. Your loved one can ask for assistance, but you want staff that will be checking on a regular basis.

There is a possibility you get all that you want at one facility, but more likely than not you will find everything on your checklist in one place. So, you must look out for a Senior Care Facility in Denver, which addresses most of your requirements, so you can be satisfied with your decision. Many times the elderly need extra care after their retirement, and it is your best interest to find them the best place for living their lives, peacefully and happily.

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By asking the questions mentioned here, you can more easily choose the right Senior Care Facility in Denver, for your loved one. It can be really confusing and time consuming to research all your assisted living options. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stacys Helping Hand, Inc at 720-248-7758.