Choosing Nursing Home – How to Find the Right Facility?

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Taking care of elders is not very easy. Sometimes, when you are not around, they get into severe accidents. Therefore, many adult children worry about their elders safety – the roles become reversed. That’s the time when you need to consider choosing a facility. A facility offers 24/7 care to their residents. If a nursing home is the best option, then what nursing home will be the best for your elder.

How to Find the Right Facility?

Here, you will learn a few tips, which can help you decide how you can choose a nursing home for your parents or elder relatives.

1.Check the Food

While visiting a nursing home, one of the first things to do is to inspect the food. As food is likely going to be the most important for your elder (at least from their view), it is worth taking a closer look at what type of food is being prepared. It is best to find a nursing home which provides the food according to the health of the patient, so they get nutritious meals. Make sure the food looks and tastes good, so the your senior is able enjoy their meal time. This can be very hard with nursing homes that serve a lot of residents and many residents which are on medicaid. Nursing homes that accept a high rate of medicaid residents have less money available for quality food.

2.Inspect the Residents Overall Condition

Make sure you carefully inspect the condition of the residents of the particular nursing home. Check if they are happy living there and enjoying their time. Check if they are getting proper treatment from the staff and nurses and look satisfied. Are the caregivers engaging their residents or are they merely doing their job…passing medication. Do the residents have on clean clothes, have good hygiene, are out of their beds. If not, you may want to leave the place immediately.

3.Depend on Your Nose!

In the past too often when people came into a nursing home many times it smelled really bad. Today it is better. Many times if the residents have a high acuity and/or if many are incontinent the staff does not care or have the time to properly care for residents and provide good hygiene. If you smell anything while visiting a nursing home, make sure to get to know the source or ask questions. You will want to come back another day, another time and see if there are still issues.

4.Check the Staff Number

While visiting a nursing home, make sure you check how many staff members are there to provide the services otherwise known as the staff to resident ratio. Talk to the staff, get to know about their duties, hours and working shifts, so you can see if they work over time or not. By asking questions, you will learn if the staff does this work because it is their calling or it just a paycheck and likely a burden for them. It can be a hard job for little pay so not everyone is meant to care for elders.

5.Daily Routine of the Residents

Check the daily routine of the residents by spending some time with them. Check if they are getting bored and feeling down or not. Check if they are happy with their life and are looking forward to some activities and events. If they are living a content life, their expressions will show it. They will be relatively healthy and happy and will be able to show you the positive side of the nursing home.

These are some of the ways, which can help you decide, which nursing home is the best choice for your elders. These will make the choice a little easier, as you will look at the place overall.

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Choosing a Nursing Home for your elder will be easier if you look at the above mentioned tips. It can be really confusing and time consuming to research all your assisted living options. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stacys Helping Hand, Inc at 720-248-7758 .