Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimers Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia assisted living facilities are for individuals with significant cognitive impairments that impact their safety.  Memory care facilities are secured, have staff who specialize in dementia care and are setup to provide for the special requirements needed by this type of resident.

This form of assisted living facility would be an appropriate option if your loved one is at risk for wandering or exhibits unusual behaviors that require regular attention.  These memory care facilities create a personalized care plan for each resident designed to keep them safe, comfortable and at their highest functioning level.  The intended outcome is to maintain the individual’s dignity and honor their personality while engaging them in activities to continue enriching their lives.  For example, activities such as music play a big part in connecting with memory care residents.

Since individuals with memory impairment generally do better in a smaller setting, the majority of memory care facilities are smaller in size (8-16 residents).  The memory care facilities that are larger (20-60 residents) are generally divided into smaller settings within the larger community.  Some communities offer activities every hour, while others are quieter and allow residents to visit with one another and participate in individualized activities.  There are over 80 memory care assisted living facilities in the Denver metro area.